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Savor the ultimate burger experience reimagined with our delectable Bunless Burger Platter—a culinary triumph that caters to both your taste buds and your desire for wholesome enjoyment.

At the heart of this creation lies a seared burger patty, meticulously crafted to perfection. Each juicy bite delivers a burst of savory goodness that only a masterfully prepared patty can provide. Crowned with the richness of cheddar cheese, the patty becomes a canvas for a symphony of flavors that promises satisfaction in every mouthful.

Accompanied by a generous portion of golden-brown potato wedges, our offering invites you to indulge in a blend of textures and tastes. These wedges, tossed in oil and adorned with a medley of seasonings including salt, pepper, garlic powder, parsley, and Parmesan cheese, ensure that every bite is a delightful contrast between crispiness and tenderness.

Elevating this platter are the vibrant toppings that transform your meal into a personalized masterpiece. Chopped romaine and cherry tomatoes provide a refreshing crunch, while sliced red onions add a touch of zing. The addition of burger pickles infuses a delightful tanginess that complements the flavors beautifully.

But what truly sets this Bunless Burger Platter apart is our house-made "Big Mac" sauce—a secret blend of flavors that adds a hint of nostalgia to your dining experience. This special sauce elevates each component, enhancing the burger patty, veggies, and potato wedges with a delightful tang that harmonizes with every bite.

Whether you're seeking a low-carb option or simply looking to revel in the pure essence of a delicious burger, our Bunless Burger Platter is an invitation to savor the symphony of flavors and textures that come together in a celebration of culinary ingenuity.

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